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You can choose to pay by monthly or annual direct debit. Monthly direct debits are taken on either the 1st or 15th of the month depending on when you make your booking. Payments are taken over 12 months although cleaning is carried out over 12 x 4 weeks cycles.


Cleaning schedule

We clean your booked bins on a 4-weekly cycle, 12 cycles a year, and close for 4 weeks from Christmas until the third week of January. You can view and print your cleaning dates via your online account, just login and press the schedule button just above your address in the bookings section.


Keeping your bin out and available 

Once the service is booked, we ask that your bin(s) are made accessible for cleaning. We clean from 7am โ€“ 7pm on the day of your collection unless otherwise stated. If for some reason the bin crew have overlooked your street, we will endeavour to come back when they do get emptied.

Forgot to put your bin out?

If you forget to put your bin out or it is not accessible when we come to clean, please email the office, we will do our best to return however if this is not possible then sadly the clean will be lost.

Adding bins or amending your order

You can add an extra clean or cancel a booked clean up to 5pm day prior, after this time we will do our utmost to but cannot guarantee the amendment. You can do this through your WFB account.


Bin holidays

If your bin(s) is not going to be available for us to clean please make us aware, this way we can put your bin on holiday and you wonโ€™t lose the clean, we will just add this onto your account. You can apply the holiday up to 5pm day prior to the clean. You can also register a holiday via your online account.


Contaminated Bins

There are very few times we are unable to clean a bin, however we are unable to clean a bin which contains loose dog foul or wet paint. If the driver comes across this, we will email to advise.


Length of service

For customers who have booked a regular monthly service a minimum term of a 3-month period is required before cancellation can be made. If you have booked a one-off clean, then you can cancel by 5pm day prior without charge.


Saying Goodbye?

If you are moving house, before you go, please do enter your new postcode into our bookings page it could be that we already cover your new area and can move with you. If not then please do let us know, if we are unaware, you have moved, or you no longer want the service then you would still be responsible for the account. 

Cancellation of your payment method is not cancellation of the service. 


Please do look at the options available on your online account, if this is not applicable then please do contact the office and we will be happy to help.